Time For A Haircut, In More Ways Than One

When last did you have a haircut, young man? Now, as a ‘young man’ yourself, you would have heard this query often enough from your mother, father, grandfather, schoolteacher, even college professor, and quite possibly even your supervisor or employer. You could also have heard it from your newly appointed financial advisor. Time for a haircut, son. The direct significance of this can be felt on two fronts, the first from your haircuts ashburn va appointment.

And the next just after your financial advisor has read you the riot act as far as your latest credit report card goes. That is the expression given. When austerity measures are required to make drastic financials sacrifices to rectify a poor state of affairs, there is talk of taking the haircut. It does sound a lot more acceptable than a company having to downsize. Because of course, you all know what goes down when that happens.

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And perhaps you have been down that road before. You are left with no alternative but to hit the pavements in search of another job. If there are any, package deals do not tend to have much weight, unless by some sheer miracle, your accredited financial advisor just happens to be a genius. Not only is the bespoke barber a genius, he’s an artist too. Why go to the hairdresser when you can just as well go to the barbershop? You will be receiving a man’s haircut to be sure, but you are a man after all.

And incidentally, the barber shop owner will not be lopping off an arm and a leg when he presents you with a list of his fees, it does not even come close to what a hairdressing salon would charge you.