How to Build a Closer Relationship With God

When you have a relationship with God, your life has more meaning, more purpose, and more value. It seems all of the hardest things that life throws your way are easier to get through when you believe. But, believing is not enough for many people who want to build the closest possible relationship with our heavenly father. If you’re one of those people, there are several ways to build a closer relationship with God.

Go to Church

Whether you go every time the bell rings or choose to attend services when you’re not at work or otherwise tending to life’s duties, attending church is important when you want to live a Christ-filled life. Most churches have a couple of services each week so you can get to at least one service. You’ll not only meet like-minded people, but can also get closer to Jesus Christ through the sermons, lessons, and closeness of the church.

Attend Fellowships

Attending a christian womens fellowship is an excellent way to spend your time when you want to get closer to God.  It feels great to meet other women who want to focus their minds on building a Christian lifestyle. These fellowships bring together good lessons and sermons, music and singing, good fun, good friends, and more. There’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy such an event and fill your heart with the spirit!

christian womens fellowship

Read the Bible

One of the easiest ways to get closer to God is through the Bible. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything to read your Bible. It can be the book to comfort you or lull you to sleep any night and anywhere you go. You can learn the Word of the Lord when you read the Bible and it feels great to build that close relationship with our Savior.